Starting Over

Reset ButtonSometimes hitting the reset button leads to better things. It certainly does on my cell phone when it decides to act wonky and refuses to respond to my commands in a timely fashion. When the Blu-Ray player at our house chooses to freeze in the middle of a movie (ironically, it happens during the film Frozen, to the chagrin of all three of my daughters), a quick reset will normally fix the issue. My computer at work is notorious for this, but at least it automatically saves my work in advance, giving me one less thing to be concerned about.

In life, however, we often don’t take the opportunity to push the reset button and start over when necessary, even if it means stopping for a quick break to do so. We’re too caught up in our lives. We’re concerned about the ramifications for others. We’re concerned about what others will say about us.  If we do it, it’s half-heartedly.

Christians celebrate the reset button of Easter every year, as Jesus’ resurrection from death offers a chance to start anew with life and get going on a path that winds closer to him. It’s a choice, however—one that takes place on a moment by moment basis. We always have the right to return to the old way of doing things and making comfort our friend. But that’s not supposed to be the case. In fact, Jesus stated that anyone who puts their hand to the plow and looks back isn’t fit for service in the kingdom of God. If we sit back and reminisce too much on what was, we can’t be useful for what can be.

To that end, I look at this blog as sort of an opportunity to start over. I’ve been writing some in the time since my last post, which has been quite a while. But I don’t want to look back.

Too much has been happening in the world lately that has to be talked about.

Too much has to be called into question.

Too much has to be dragged into the glaring spotlight and made known.

Too many black eyes are being given out (even after Easter Sunday).

The plow is being pushed and we have to be ready for what is going to be happening.

Thus, I’m pressing the reset button on the No More Black Eyes blog.  Hopefully, I’ll never have to hit it again (but I reserve the right to smack it another time if need be).   Let’s commit ourselves to making today (and each day) a good one in our words, thoughts, and actions.