A Warm Welcome

Welcome in different languages

I want to offer you a warm welcome to No More Black Eyes, my first foray into the world of the blogosphere.  This promises to be an exciting adventure, so thank you for joining me on the journey!

I’ll share more about the title for the blog in my next post, but I want to give you a quick idea what you’re going to find–and what you’re not going to find while here.  So let’s start with what you won’t find at No More Black Eyes:

  • Me petting a lion.
  • Plastic Easter grass.
  • Pictures of people using old CDs as a) frisbees or b) targets for skeet practice.
  • This (don’t worry; it’s completely safe to click on).

You might see the following:

  • Photos of me, my wife, and our three daughters.
  • A request to tell your friends, enemies, and complete strangers about this blog (wait, I guess I just did that).
  • Goofy humor that relates to the blog in some manner.
  • Sarcasm on occasion.
  • An occasional movie or book review (I’m a Senior Writer for Hollywood Jesus).
  • Lively commentary about topics in a encouraging manner.

You will see these things here at No More Black Eyes:

  • Topics that will challenge you to think about the things we do–and why we do them.
  • Questions to consider in your everyday life.
  • Faith as it pertains to the world outside the church walls.
  • A movement to represent God responsibly on a 24/7/365/life basis.

And I’m sure there will be much laughter and fun mixed in with the occasional seriousness.

So welcome, and let’s get started!